Anmore Woods Ltd. is a family owned company managed by the Smurthwaite family. Our family moved to Anmore in 1978 and purchased 22 acres along with the “Ma Murray home” which was constructed in 1916.

In 1988, our family subdivided off 1 acre of land and donated the “Ma Murray home” to the Village of Anmore, at which time it became the Village Hall for all municipal business. We then built our family homes on the remaining property.

In 2002, we purchased an adjoining property and incorporated Anmore Woods Limited. With our forestry and development background, we successfully developed a 43 lot subdivision (Ravenswood). This development was a comprehensive development (CD), which was negotiated over many meetings to create lots less than the current acre zoning.

We created a truly amazing new standard in Anmore.

In 2005, we purchased an adjoining property to create a 21 lot subdivision on Crystal Creek Drive featuring ocean views. At this time we embarked on home building projects to showcase our new neighbourhood.

Our company continues to evolve and grow. We are currently working on new investment and development properties.

At the present time we have developed 82 lots in Anmore and look forward to many new and exciting projects.